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Amethyst is the modern birthstone of February.  Amethyst comes from the Greek word amethystos which is translated to mean not drunk which is why this stone is also the symbol of sobriety.
Black Onyx
Black Onyx is the traditional birthstone of July, and the mystical birthstone of December..  Black onyx is believed to rid the wearer of negativity including negative relationships, negative habits, or negative energy.
Citrine is the modern birthstone of November.  Citrine is said to be a calming stone.  It has been used as a healing stone to aid in the treatment of depression, and for removing toxins from the wearer.  Citrine has come to symbolize peace, calm and inner wisdom.
Garnet is the traditional, modern, and ayurvedic birthstone of January.  Garnet is thought to protect the wearer against depression and to also protect you when traveling. The Garnet has come to symbolize faith, compassion, loyalty, and truth.
Marcasite is believed to enhance intelligence, keep negative energy away, and to promote wealth and good luck.   As a healing stone it has been used to combat fatigue, and assist the immune systems ability to fight infection. 

Quartz Crystal
Quartz Crystal METAPHYSICAL Properties Quartz crystals can assist in meditation, healing ,spiritual awareness, finding inner balance, improving memory and more. Clear Crystals are use in the chakra system. Crystals because of their vibration properties and ability to hold and transmit energy are utilized in computers, watches and other technologies. Clear Crystal Quartz is also called the power stone.
Sapphire is the traditional birthstone of April, the modern birthstone of September, the mystical birthstone of May, and the ayurvedic birthstone of August.  It has been said that the sapphire was the tablet that Moses carried down the mountain containing the 10 commandments, thus making the sapphire the most sacred stone.  The sapphire came to symbolize faithfulness and spiritual healing.
Spinner Rings
Spinner rings are also known as anxiety rings, worry rings, prayer rings, and Christian prayer rings. Some believe them to be based on the Tibetan Prayer Wheel.  The rings have an outer band which manually spins independently on top of the inner band. It is said that the spinning of the outer band by the wearer can reduce anxiety and worries.  There are many designs available.
Tiger Eye
Tigers eye is the traditional birthstone of June, and the ancient birthstone of November.  Tigers Eye is believed to bring the wearer insight and to allow the wearer the ability to see all.
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